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Empowering Young People
to Take Control of their Wellbeing!

We deliver interactive workshops for young people aged 11-25 in schools and community settings. We also provide training for teachers and youth professionals.

Are you aged 11-25 and looking for support with your mental health

Mental Health Workshops for Young People

50% of mental health conditions develop by age 14,
rising to 75% by age 24.

Did you know?

We're fighting to change this.

4YoungMinds is a youth and lived-experience driven social enterprise based in London.

We are dedicated to improving mental health and strengthening the resilience of young people.

Mental Health Workshops for Young People

We work with young people

aged 11-25, empowering them to gain

ownership of their mental wellbeing.

We collaborate with schools, youth workers, parents and guardians to provide young people with the skills necessary to ensure their mental well-being.

We're Breaking Barriers to shatter the stigma and make mental health support accessible for all young people.

We're Building Bridges between young people and other organisations that can support their mental health.

We're Changing Lives for young people by empowering them to build confidence, resilience and take control of their own wellbeing!

Some of our impact


Workshops & programmes delivered

11-25 yo people mentored

accross London




It didn’t even feel like we were talking about mental health, it’s just life. Denise is so open about her own experiences
it made us comfortable to speak out and ask questions.
I’d definitely recommend this to a friend.

Nathan (15), Mind over Matter participant

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Mental Health Workshop for Young People
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