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Are You a Parent or Carer?

At 4YoungMinds, we value the importance of a strong support system with resilience and wellbeing beginning at home.  We provide parents and carers with a better understanding of mental health in young people and the tools required to support the wellbeing of their children.

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Our workshops have been designed to equip parents with practical tools to support wellbeing from home. We tailor each and every session to suit the needs of our audiences.

Workshops can be delivered as part of parent's evenings or arranged at your youth club or community centre.

Topics include (but are not limited to)

  • Recognising mental health conditions in young people

  • Managing stress and anxiety during challenges

  • Understanding eating disorders in young people

  • Creating a routine and setting goals

  • Building resilience in your child

  • Understanding and coping with self-harm

Are you looking for mentoring for your child?

We offer 1:1 mentoring for young people aged 11-25

All of our mentoring sessions are bespoke and will help your young person to:

  • Build confidence

  • Overcome anxiety

  • Help achieve goals

  • And more


"It didn't even feel like we were talking about mental health, it's just life"

- Year 9 Student, Mind over Matter participant

Find out about organisations if your child requires urgent help or more support

I want to learn more about my child's mental health 

We have a host of resources and online videos available to you at anytime to learn more about your child's mental health 

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We're here to help.  Get in touch with us to discuss how we can support your needs.

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