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Are You a Teacher or Education Professional?

We offer bespoke programmes in all youth settings for ages 11-30.

 All of our programmes are bespoke and tailored to explore the topics most relevant to your young people

- There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to mental health!

We also design personalised training programmes for staff to equip you with the tools to support young people with their mental health and wellbeing within your own setting.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs!

Teacher Assisting a Student

Interactive group wellbeing and resilience workshops

for 11 -25 year olds.

We create programmes of up to 6 sessions for up to 30 participants.


Our bespoke programmes explore a range of wellbeing topics to build confidence, resilience and improve young people's understanding of their mental health.


Topics include (not limited to):

  • Anxiety

  • Developing a Growth Mindset

  • Managing Anger and Conflict

  • Healthy Relationships

Giving every young person an equal chance to thrive!

Our targeted programmes are designed to support smaller groups of young people (up to15) to develop their communication and teamworking skills whilst learning how to look after their mental health.


These programmes combine a series of of Mind over Matter workshops (see above), along with 6 sessions of 1:1 mentoring.

Our mentoring sessions are individually tailored to help young people to:

  • Build confidence and self-esteem

  • Manage their emotional wellbeing

  • Set and achieve meaningful goals

"I learned so much about confidence and resilience and feel inspired to step out of my comfort zone".

- Year 9 Student, Mind over Matter participant


Our Wellbeing Ambassador Programme supports young people with own their wellbeing, whilst developing the confidence, communication and leadership skills needed to support others with theirs.

          The programme consists of 6 sessions.

Suitable for 16-25 year olds.

Participants receive a '4YoungMinds Ambassador' certificate upon completion.

"I've gained so much self-awareness from this programme. I learned different ways to manage my mental state and how I can help myself and others around me".

- Year 12 student, Wellbeing Ambassador Programme

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We believe in the importance of equipping staff with the tools to embed a culture of positive wellbeing and support students with their mental health.

What can we cover?

Our bespoke training workshops are suitable for teachers, senior leaders and other youth professionals. We co-design your programmes with you to ensure they cover topics relevant to your setting.

Topics include (not limited to):

  • Understanding mental health in children & young people.

  • Trauma-informed care

  • Building resilience in young people 

  • Signposting young people to appropriate support.

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We're here to help.  Get in touch with us to discuss how we can support your young people.

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