4YoungMinds is a workshop and mentoring provider, where our goal is to promote mental health awareness and empower people to take control of their own wellbeing and #TalkAboutIt.  The workshops focus on normalising mental health through facilitated interactive group discussions and activities, whilst providing practical self-help tools and signposting to services for additional support.


Alongside the youth workshops, 4YoungMinds is also passionate about working with parents/carers and teachers to better equip them in supporting the wellbeing of the young people in their care, whilst breaking down the stigma around mental health throughout the wider community.  We are on a mission to ensure that mental health can be discussed as openly as physical health in a non-judgmental and inclusive way.



Breaking down mental health stigma one conversation at a time!

We aim to create an environment in which mental health can be spoken about as openly as we do physical health.  We encourage young people to #TalkAboutIt through interactive activity based workshops and relatable discussions, along with ongoing 1:1 support.

We work with a holistic approach by also supporting teachers, parents/carers and the wider community to equip them with a better understanding of mental health and thus creating an open and inclusive society for all.



We hold inclusiveness, compassion, and transparency close to our hearts, and go the extra mile to provide our youth with the critical thinking skills that will allow them to reach their full potential and navigate today's society.


No one falls through the gaps or is beyond the reach of our support.



We do more than tick boxes.  We put individual needs at the focus of every decision to ensure that everyone is heard.



We believe in sharing our own lived experiences to encourage openness and demonstrate that perfection is an illusion.



We're here to help.  Get in touch to discuss how we can support your needs today!

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