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Men’s Health Month: 5 Essential Wellbeing Tips for Young Men

Over the last few years, November has been recognised as ‘Movember’ as a way to raise awareness for different aspects of men’s health - but growing a moustache is just one way to do this! Young men are often taught NOT to show “weakness” or emotion, which can have a negative impact on their overall wellbeing. We’d like to take the opportunity to share a reminder: We ALL have mental health. It is ok to not be ok all the time and men have just as much right to receive care and support when they need it.

To help you navigate life’s ups and downs and take care of your mental health along the way, here are five essential tips to get you started!

1. Take pride in looking after yourself:

Taking good care of your health is the ultimate act of self-love. There is no shame in doing a little bit extra for your wellbeing. Looking after yourself not only benefits you, but those around you as well. You cannot pour from an empty cup - looking after yourself means that you are able to give your best self to others, your responsibilities and your goals. Prioritize self-care by building things that you enjoy into your everyday routine. Be open to trying new things! It’s all about finding what works for you and brings you joy.

Looking after your health can also sometimes mean getting some extra help when you’re not able to cope on your own. You can’t always see when someone is struggling, which is why it’s crucial to #TalkAboutIt. We all need help and it is a sign of strength to be able to speak up and get the support you need when you need it.

2. Take Control of Your Routine:

Having a routine can reduce chaos and anxiety in your life. Establish daily habits that provide structure and help you balance your responsibilities. This helps with time management, productivity, and self-discipline. A structured routine creates a stable platform from which you can focus on your bigger goals.

3. Face Your Fears:

Staying in your comfort zone means avoiding challenges and fears. Overcoming your fears leads to personal development and increased self-confidence. Adversity can unlock your potential in ways that we do not get from comfort.

Self-improvement is a journey, not a destination. Dedicate yourself to continuous growth by developing your skills, expanding your knowledge, and working on your character. Strive for excellence in your chosen field and embrace lifelong learning. Self-improvement is about becoming the best version of yourself and leads to a more satisfying life.

4. Set Meaningful Goals:

Setting goals means recognizing that you have the power to shape your future. It's about taking an active role in going after your dreams. Acknowledge your past, learn from your mistakes, and decide on the direction you want to take.

Goals provide a sense of purpose and direction, which can help you stay focused and resilient even when faced with life’s challenges. Consider what you want to achieve in your school, career, relationships, personal growth, and wellbeing. Start by setting out the smaller tasks that align with your overall goals. Meaningful goals are the fuel that drives motivation and fulfilment.

5. Avoid comparison:

Comparison is the death of joy” - Mark Twain.

There is no one way to live and enjoy life, happiness can look different for all of us. You and your journey are unique and it is empowering to be the author of your own story. Constantly comparing yourself to others can lead to feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, and even depression. It's important to remember that comparing yourself to others only takes away from your progress and growth. Instead, focus on setting personal goals and celebrating your own accomplishments. Remember, you are enough just as you are. Focus on running your race and you will realise that it is impossible to be behind in life.

These five tips can act as a compass to navigate your journey as a young man in a world that is always telling you just to “man up”, with no support or guidance. They provide a foundation for your personal growth and wellbeing. By taking pride in looking after your health, setting meaningful goals, creating a routine, facing your fears, and avoiding comparison, you're on a path to becoming the best version of yourself and living a fulfilling life. Remember, you are not alone and help is always available when you need it. You’ve got this!


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