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Young Bloggers: For You, By You!

Are you a young person aged 11-15, 16-18 or 18-25? We want to hear from you!

We ALL have mental health and we ALL have lived experiences that we have overcome and learned the skills to do so. 4YoungMinds believes that the best people to help young people are other young people! We are passionate about providing a platform for young people to share their stories, tips and advice around mental health and wellbeing to potentially help someone else!

The benefits of writing

Express yourself - you may not be ready to talk about it out loud, but writing can be a safe and creative outlet to share your thoughts.

Emotional ‘dumping’ - simply writing down your thoughts and feelings can help you to understand them more clearly by seeing them in front of you.

Make an impact - you never know who might read your story and gain the courage to get help for themselves.

Here’s how you can become a writer for the 4YoungMinds blog:

Share your story

Sometimes just hearing from someone else who is going through or has been through something you are currently experiencing

Share your tips

Have a few tips and tricks that are your ‘go-to’ for positive wellbeing? Writing about them could help someone else who may be struggling!

Give and receive advice - All posts allow commenting and can be a platform for discussion and support from your peers.

Things to remember

  • You don’t need to be a professional - Anyone can be an expert and young people have got the most experience at being young! Lived experience is way more important than being a professional, just be yourself.

  • Keep posts short and sweet - As easy as it is to get carried away with writing, effective blogging requires you to grab your readers attention and get your point across in a punchy way. There is no limit to the number of submissions you can send in so feel free to pick one topic at a time and keep the blog posts coming!

  • You can write for us anonymously - You may not want to share your identity with your readers, and that’s ok! Let us know that you would not like to be mentioned as the author and we will post it without your name.

  • Be creative - This platform is FOR YOU. Submit your blog post in the form of poems, journal entries etc. and express yourself however you like!

Our moderators will check all blog posts and comments before they are published on the 4YoungMinds website.


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