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Building Healthy Communication in Friendships

Author: Kadi, 21


We get told that communication is very important in relationships, but we are rarely taught how this plays out. It’s an essential part of the human experience but I’ve noticed that it's very critical in friendships. I have too many stories of friendships where communicating a situation has gone wrong, yet we’re left to our own devices to figure it out through trial and error. ​

I wish there was much earlier intervention in this area on how to begin a healthy conversation after a fallout out argument. People are coming into school from all walks of life, some have never seen what healthy communication looks like in their own homes and run from it or react to it in a way that can be detrimental. I want to share five tips on ways to navigate healthy communication in friendships from my own experience so far at 21.

1. Speak to someone you trust about the situation at hand: This can be a friend, family member or therapist. TIP: don't turn it into Chinese whispers, just one person should be enough. ​

2. Roleplay with a trusted person: 'Act out' the situation that you have at hand with a trusted person to ensure you're going into the situation the right way. No, you're not playing a chara